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Contrive Techstar Pvt. Ltd. is a registered private limited company based out of New Delhi and was incorporated in January 2017.We at Contrive Techstar believe in launching unique innovative product solutions with ace technologies. Our mission is to provide innovative and never seen before technological solutions to all business segments by design cutting edge product solutions in Aviation, Science, Technology and Medicine. We constantly strive to empower businesses and organisations to move to greater profitability and efficiency.

We are a global pool of entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers, coming together to create innovative technologies. Through our global partners, we have access to 25 patents and intellectual property rights. Contrive Techstar Pvt. Ltd. provides you with an opportunity to add value to your business, health and security through advanced technology.

Contrive Techstar aims to bring you the most distinguished innovative technology across the globe therefore we have collaborated with Singapore based technology company - GTC to add on to our product bandwidth. GTC with their Intellectual Property, Patents and Manufacturing Rights in hand, continue their pursuit of excellence in developing high quality product with the objective of enhancing the quality of life of not only the individuals globally but also to benefit businesses, organizations and governments worldwide.

Team Members

Shreya Kochhar – The Game Changer



“Contrive Techstar” stands for creating technological innovations with the intention of outshining others! – Shreya Kochhar

Ms.Shreya Kochhar believes in taking the road less travelled because that is what will make all the difference! Graduate from Delhi University with her Masters in Fashion Management from Domus Academy, Milan, Shreya intends change the existing technology game by designing cutting edge product solutions in Aviation, Science, Technology and Medicine.

Atul Kochhar - The Visionary

Managing Director


You can recognize a visionary by his ability to see the big picture and visualize advancements in the most creative and imaginative way when no one else can. Mr Atul Kochhar with 30 years of industry experience in his pocket is the visionary and guiding force of our company. With his business sense and direction Contrive Techstar will definitely reach new heights!

Abhishek Sinha – The Experienced One

Head of Sales and Marketing


With almost 18 years of dynamic experience in various diverse fields like technical support services, training, network administration and account management. Mr Abhishek , a graduate from Delhi University with his masters from Symbiosis Pune, intends to penetrate in the untapped cyber security market with an exclusive range of well designed cyber security products.

Prachi Sharma – The Fresh Blood

Marketing and Sales Manager


Every organization needs to add new blood to revitalize its productivity by bringing new ideas and fresh energy to break the existing status quo. Ms Prachi, a graduate from Delhi University with her Master in Marketing from ICFAI Hyderabad, intends to develop and implement unconventional and impactful marketing and sales strategies to capture the market.

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