Technological innovations are facilitating greater interaction between businesses and customers, but fraudsters are exploiting this development opportunity! Businesses are becoming vulnerable to digital frauds unknowingly.

We bring to you a technological solution to fight and minimize such frauds – PhotoN!

PhotoN is a forensics tool which allows you to detect signs of digital modification in the image. This software can be used in your company in order to reduce risks while making decisions basing on a tempered data.

PhotoN analyses inner traces of possible image modifications. The analysis includes two levels and consists of 5 different tools. Below is the analysis of these two levels:

  • Metadata analysis: Each photo has hidden information (metadata) that is always changed after any editing
  • Deep digital analysis: On this level we analyze the inner structure of the image, where all modifications leave digital fingerprints by distorting the code on the border of edited fragment

Product Features

  • Business Process integration
  • Works with scans of documents
  • Easy option for Customization
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks and financial companies
  • User-friendly interface
  • Corporate
  • Police Verifications

Product Benefits

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