Is AdMirror the New Face of Advertising?

Is AdMirror the New Face of Advertising?

People probably first started to look at their reflections in pools of water, streams and rivers which were the first mirrors ever! Mirrors play a very vital role in our lives, this might from getting up in the morning and looking in the mirror or while dressing up or shaving or washing hands or any other such activity. 87% of the human unknowingly and unconsciously look into the mirror every time they cross one!

We are addicted to Mirrors and this is no news to anyone. With technology transforming and revolutionising all products and services, mirrors are now coming into focus. Marketers are now planning and strategising to use mirror technology to advertise and communicate with their customers.

Smart mirror technology is a success in the rest of the world but India is yet to understand and realise its potential in the advertising market. We have been seeing mirror technology being used in very few trade promotions but not as a product for mass consumption.

Let’s understand why Smart Mirror Technology is the new face of advertising:

  1. Breakthrough the Advertising Clutter

Advertising is much more fragmented in the 21st century than in the past. There are more videos streaming, paid social media, television, radio ads and innovative outdoor advertisements than ever before.

Advertisers need to think out of the box and explore the unbeaten paths to connect and implement their marketing strategies to get the attention of their target audiences, hold their interest and build awareness about their products and services.

Since we have been accustomed to mirrors in our daily lives, advertising via mirrors will help break the excessive advertising clutter and speak directly with the customer ensuring higher retention and engagement.

  1. Higher Customer Engagement

Customers nowadays are bombarded with information every second; this may be outside their home or inside their laptops and cell phone. Excess of information leaves the customer tired and exhausted, he might absorb some information while other information goes in vain.

Advertisers need to be updated with their customer’s state of mind; they need to understand what information needs to be shared, how and when?

Mirrors have 87% reception and have never been used for advertising before. Using mirrors will definitely increase and retain the customer engagement. People would pay attention to the text or ads that are being played on the mirrors and making it easier to communicate and advertise to them.

  1. Direct Customer Attention

People have a high sense of self-admiration and concentration when they look at themselves in the mirror. Advertisers can use this human habit to their advantage.

Imagine, you’re looking into the mirror and fixing your hair and suddenly the mirror plays an like “do not drink and drive” or “Your life is more valuable than the reply” etc; this most certainly will acquire customer attention, therefore helping the marketers communicate and advertise directly with the customers without any interference and noise!

  1. Additional Revenues

Mirrors have never been used as a media of advertisement in India, we have witnessed very few mirror campaigns across the country but never has anyone considered this to be a product for mass consumption.

Targeting on mirrors give us a first mover advantage and ensure revenue from these spaces which have never done before.

Contrive Techstar is the first ever company to bring mirror technology to everyone at large. You may advertise in malls, hospitals, clinics, jewellery store and many more such places where mirrors are used.

Check out our AdMirror technology – this is the latest and most innovative smart mirror technology for advertising. This provides an innovative technological solution to all the marketers out there. You can now advertise and market your products and services using the Mirrors!





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