Manufacturing is the Next key Target for Cyber Crimes!

Manufacturing is the Next key Target for Cyber Crimes!

From Cybercriminals using internet and technology to access personal information &  business trade secrets, compromise infrastructure or steal data, today Cyber threats and inevitably advanced and persistent.

People are under an impression that cybercrime affects only the online business or business dealing via the internet, but that doesn’t stand true! There has been an increasing dependency towards IoT(Internet of Things) devices to improve efficiency and productivity of operations in the organizations and this is the key reason for their vulnerability towards these uncertain cyber threats.

Recent cyber attacks have been focusing on the unexpectedly on the manufacturing sector! They are directly targeting the data and assets of these manufacturing firms by compromising their infrastructure and overtaking their technology.

Let’s have a look how can these cybercriminals get into our systems:

  1. Attack on Systems:

It’s not just your IT equipment that needs to be assessed for cybersecurity. Cyber risk assessments should be carried out on your control systems to ensure that the appropriate precautions are in place. We have witnessed so many SCADA incidents, but only a few have been made available to the public because companies fear to damage their reputations by disclosing these attacks.


  1. Attack on Technology:

Cyber attacks on technology would mean a complete shutdown of the manufacturing unit! With increased dependency of the manufacturing units on the IoT(Internet of Things) devices to improve efficiency and productivity of operations increases their chances of being attacked leading to loss of financials, confidential data and the goodwill of the companies.


  1. Attack on Intellectual Property:

It is not always about the financials for the cybercriminals; sometimes they hack into the systems to get the data that companies hold can be more valuable. Manufacturing companies should be aware that the Intellectual Property can be sold in the market for high prices whether this is proof of concepts or project plans etc.


  1. Attack on Data:

Data is the backbone of every manufacturing company. Companies are trying to adopt more and more sophisticated technologies to organise their data but the migration of company data from dedicated servers, to third-party cloud services, has made the data more vulnerable than ever. This increases the chances of vulnerability for the companies.

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